April 07, 2016

JEFFSY - Far out or nothing



We are stoked to present JEFFSY, our first trail bike: 29“, 140mm travel with an aggressive geometry packed with lots of gravity potential. For the last weeks JEFFSY has been the reason why Sidney and Trent have been arguing: She gets mad because of his steady absence, whilst he can’t get enough of his new best friend. With the hashtags #IHATEJEFFSY and #ILOVEJEFFSY you can join the JEFFSY discussion and if you’re lucky enough, you could win JEFFSY CF Pro.

The countdown on our site www.jeffsy.com is over and JEFFSY is finally revealed. JEFFSY is our first trail bike and we will put a statement on the trail bike market. It is probably the most gravity-focused trail bike with characteristics that are really promising and totally YT: a downhill-focused geometry, a light frame, a compact silhouette with superb specs. 

Not too long ago, JEFFSY and Trent were on a bike trip in Madeira: They discovered rad places, had fun on the trails and were shredding like Aaron Gwin, Cam Zink and Bryan Regnier just like they were part of the trip. Have a look at what went down:

The official #ILOVEJEFFSY action video


Show us the hate or love face of someone who is going to hate or love your new best friend. That could be YOU as well. Post the photo on Instagram, Twitter or our Facebook timeline. Be imaginative, get creative and maybe you will be the lucky winner of a JEFFSY CF Pro.