September 27, 2016

Kia Ora – Welcome to New Zealand


Getting away from the European winter and extending the bike season at the other end of the world is a dream of all mountain bikers. Our team rider Erik Irmisch and his filmer Patrick Sanow decided to jump on a plane to New Zealand to check out the local trails and bikeparks. Check out Erik’s blog to find out what the guys got into. 

Travelling for 48 hours is a piece of cake when the reward is a two-month bike trip. After we had arrived in Auckland, we went on a search to find a suitable car. After a quick hunt we found a Nissan Bluebird. We ripped out the back seats to have space for the bikes, camera equipment, tents and luggage and went on the way to Rotorua.

However, there was a change of plans shortly after having left the car dealership. The car broke down just after a few miles. Diagnose: a broken clutch. We were actually on the way to meetwith YT team mate, Karin Pasterer who had arrived in Auckland a few days earlier. After a quick phone call with her, Karin shortly showed up a bit later with a mechanic who fixed the car in no time. We then found a parking space right next to the ocean where we camped for the night. 



After a relaxed breakfast with an ocean view we then decided to drive to Rotorua. We felt a bit uneasy about driving with our car and strongly doubted it would last the two months on the road. After having arrived in Rotorua we built up our CAPRA and TUES and checked out the local trails in Redwoods with Wyn Masters. Afterwards we went to Cole Lucas’ house and had a few attempts on the water ramp. All in all it was a perfect first day.

New Zealand is a very special place and it doesn’t take a long time until you get to know people and to experience their incredible hospitality. That being said, we met a family that couldn’t believe that we are spending the night in our cars. They immediately invited us into their home where we were allowed to stay until Crankworx Rotorua. The father and his son were enthusiastic mountain bikers themselves and followed us into the Redwoods where we filmed for our edit. After a week of filming the first video was all finished.



We almost felt as if we were part of Family Cobb and just could not get enough of the trails around Rotorua, so we just simply decided to extend our stay there. We explored more of the area, went to ride Jet Skis and just had an awesome time there. From Rotorua we then headed towards Taupo, where we would meet up with YT’s New Zealand partner.

Stay tuned for more in part 2 of our trip to New Zealand. 

See ya!

Cheers, Irm

(All pics by Patrick Sanow)