October 07, 2016

Racing with JEFFSY



Yonatan Yatom, one of our sponsored racers, is competing in the Israeli Enduro scene and since June a happy owner of a JEFFSY CF Pro. Let’s how it feels to race and win with a 29er.

Unpacking a new bike from the box is always a unique feeling, it doesn't matter if you're a little kid getting his first two wheeler or a full factory supported racer with a fleet of race machines. I was really anticipating the arrival of the new JEFFSY from YT, I rode a 29er before and knew how much it suits the trails where I live, in Israel.
The bike arrived just in time for the last enduro race of the spring season (before the national series here takes a break for summer), we had it rushed from customs on Thursday evening straight to my house where I soon had it assembled and prepared to race on Saturday - it was looking like it would be an exciting weekend of racing!

When I got out on the trails, everything seemed to click and it was easy to get the feeling for the bike, it felt real familiar and close in geometry to my already race-proven CAPRA. I was a bit worried to switch to a 29er after riding the CAPRA for a long time. As much as the CAPRA is first and foremost a FUN bike to ride, it's also a very capable racing machine. Well, JEFFSY didn't disappointed either and I found it to be just as fun to ride, its handling is a good balance between crisp and stable. It doesn't rail turns like a slalom bike, but it does feel fun – and fast! - to ride on my local trails.




The racing format in Israel is a bit different to the EWS for example, over here, we race on only one course for several times throughout the day and also ride the same liaison. So it's like a loop we do three or four times, with time limits on the climbs. It's mainly because a lack of resources for the organizer in terms of timing systems and stuff like that. For this race, we did only three timed runs due to the tough weather conditions, it was a hot and dusty day.

I always try to start the day with a smooth and clean run and then I see where I can improve and build on it. A very clean 1ST run ended with 2:49min and I was happy with it but knew I had more, especially in my legs. A clean 2ND run gave me 2:47min and the 3RD run with an all-out attack gave me a 2:45min – not very consistent but in a good way. I ended up taking first place overall with a total lead of 22 seconds over 2ND place. Not a bad way to start with a new bike - getting into the summer break with a taste for more.

I hope to give you all more insights on my racing so we'll be back after the summer.
Until then keep on shredding people!