October 19, 2016

'Chur Bro' - Erik Irmisch roadtrippin’ through New Zealand – Part 3

You’ve already read about Erik Irmisch's adventures from Rotorua and Queenstown. Here’s the last part of his travel blog, including two awesome edits by Patrick Sanow. But before we let Erik continue with his stories we don’t want to keep back the first video, sweet and epic trail riding from Queenstown: 



After a few great weeks in Queenstown we made our way back up north. But before we caught the next ferry we made a stop in Nelson to explore this part of the island by foot and bike. As everywhere in New Zealand you can find beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and of course heaps of mountainbike trails in Nelson and the surrounding area.

Three days later we drove to Whanganui on the north island to visit Wyn Masters, but on the way we stopped on a beach and thought ‘we might as well just put our tent up here for the night’ – so we slept by the beach. The following day we arrived at Wyn’s house and plenty of toys-for-the-boys like a dirt jump spot, jet skis, motocross and of course heaps of mountainbike trails awaited us. A huge ‘thanks’ to the Master family for the lovely hospitality. 



Back in Rotorua for Crankworx we stayed with family Cobb again, who became friends during our first stay. The traditional Maori opening ceremony was a great show to start off with and events à la Crankworx like Whip Offs, Dual Speed & Style, Air DH, Enduro Race, Slopestyle Contest, Deep Summer Photo Challenge and the Downhill Race kept the crowd and riders entertained. I took part in three competitions and finished 15th in the Enduro Race and ranked 22nd in the Downhill Race. I’m quite happy about these results considering the professional competitors who took part. And of course I didn’t want to miss the Whip Offs, so I had a great session in front of a raging crowd with all the ladies & gents. Crankworx Rotorua was the crowning of our trip especially because we met a few other members of the YT Family like Cam Zink, Yannick Granieri and Karin Pasterer. We also made our own little highlight clip of the event: 



Our trip lasted for two months and it felt far too short when we had to leave for the airport. One thing is for sure: this was not our last trip to the end of the world.

See you soon, New Zealand.







(Videos by Sanow Video, Pics by Sanow Video and Ale Di Lullo)