February 21, 2017

Erik Irmisch - SHREDIT

Erik loves visiting the Ruhrpott. Not just because he calls the area his second home, but also because his bike school is located there. But this time, he was on a different mission. A new track had been built, and it needed to be tested. This opportunity was also not lost on MTB Rider Magazine’s photographer Boris Beyer who stopped by to grab some bangers. The muddy but slightly frozen ground was ideal for bedding in the new track – it was easy to get the tires to dig in. After a few sweet days, it was time to head back home. Because there were bags to be packed for the trip to Barcelona. Check out the edit and the interview we did with him!



Interview with Erik "Irm70"

How did you come to join us? And for that matter, how did you get into mountain biking?

After riding for two years for the Gates Nicolai team, that adventure came to an end and I was on the lookout for a new frame sponsor. Around the same time, the 2010 TUES was being developed. After checking out the new frame and feeling good about both the bike and the company, I picked up the phone and spoke with YT. From there on everything went smoothly, we signed an initial deal for 1 year and I am proud to say I have been riding for YT since 2010. In actual fact, I played soccer for 10 years with FC Erzebirge Aue, before switching over to bikes at the age of 14. My grandfather had a lot to do with that, shortly before I stepped away from soccer he gave me a bicycle because he wanted to reward me for my long years of playing. He would certainly have preferred me to still be a goalkeeper, but I was thrilled by riding bikes and the lifestyle that goes with it.


How many bikes do you have at home?

:) I have a bike for every kind of riding...


What was your first bike?

Giant Warp


Where do you prefer to ride?

Trailpark Klinovec


Your opinion on flowtrails?

Flowtrails are awesome. They are great both for training and for having lots of fun, and everybody can ride them.


What’s in your program for 2017?

A few German Downhill Cup races, the European Downhill Cup, a couple of the European World Cup rounds, the German Enduro Championships and lots of media production, i.e. videos and some stories in magazines. Additionally, I will continue to work with my colleague Heiko Hirzbruch on developing our WEST EAST bike school, and run some more bike camps. And of course, #goodtimes with my team mate Johann Potgieter on our YT bikes!


For how much longer will you be part of the downhill circus?

I’d love to be part of it for another 10 years, to tell you the truth. We’ll take it as it comes...


And after that?

The bike school and a job as product tester for YT. I mean, that’s my goal, at some point to become Test Product Manager at YT. In any case, I love this company and can’t see myself not being part of it somehow!


                      "I love this company and can’t see

                                             myself not being part of it somehow!"


What can you tell us about your World Cup team "Racing Dudes"?

The team will continue in its current form with a few small changes, more about that coming soon...


What about your team mate Potti?

Potti is simply the best team mate you can imagine, he is always on it and always in the mood for riding. I’m already looking forward to May when we will see each other again!


How would Potti describe you?

Hahahaha, probably that I am too excited, but no matter what, that I’m always there for him and that we are really like brothers.


If you had not ended up in the biking scene, what would you be doing today?

Hard to say, but luckily for me, I am what I do – a biker!


The most stressful job you ever had?

Working in an office at Zalando, not for me!


What do you do when you’re not riding a bike?

Admin stuff, training, trail building, working on my house, riding MX, and of course chilling with my homies.


Erik in Czech Republic
Winter session with Nathan Hughes


The best rider of all times?

Andreu Lacondeguy


The best new talent on the scene?

Finn Iles


The most fun downhill track ever?

The Ilmenau downhill


Carbon or Aluminum?

I like both, but as a racer of course I prefer carbon!


Your worst injury?

A hole in the abdomen, followed by 3 cruciate ligaments...


Your biggest fan?

Since I’ve never really thought about it, to be honest I have no idea.


The best riding spot in the world?

Queenstown New Zealand


Best riding spot in Germany?



Your 5 favorite bands?

I don’t have favorite bands, I just listen to whatever is on, hahaha :)


Erik and Ralf working for SHREDIT