March 23, 2017

Gettin’ ready for Crankworx

The countdown is running. Crankworx Rotorua will start on Saturday and our New Zealand partner “Day Zero” will be on site. Cam Zink, Yannick Granieri, Bryan Regnier, Ace Hayden and our latest family member Brett Tippie will join the crew, quite sure this will be a true family fest. The preparations are in their final throes and Nick Birkhead gives us some insights. 


Planning for Crankworx Rotorua 2017 really began after Crankworx 2016. Once the event was done we could relax, sit back and reflect all the things that went well, and what you could do to make the site even better. So, come late 2016 we knew what we wanted to do, it was just a case of making a few calls and emails to see what we could make happen. This year we have a brand new 6x3m tent, some fresh off production 2017 bikes, some unique merch displays and a few awesome giveaways made just for the Crankworx YT fans.




Along with our YT display bikes, we’ll also have a good selection of YT Wear and Sensus products for sale at this year’s event. We’ve organized a signing session with Cam Zink on the Saturday 1st of April, so there will be some YT posters available for the signing, along with some other interesting swag throughout the week.

Aside from spending the week meeting everyone at the event, our athletes and crew will be out in force in the various events this year. We’ve got an athlete or staff member competing in almost every event throughout the week. We have a team site at the EWS village, a team site at Skyline, as well as our main site in the event village for people to check out. Slopestyle is always the big draw of any Crankworx event, but seeing Cam and the other guys competing in the whip-off will definitely be a highlight. 

What makes Crankworx Rotorua a bit different is that it’s paid entry to access the event village at Skyline, meaning there aren’t many people merely passing through just to see what’s going on. Crankworx Rotorua is a destination, everyone who comes through the event has a connection to mountain biking in some way, which is always reflected in the enthusiasm of the people checking out the stands, and the excitement of the crowds watching the events.

The kiwi audiences are great, there’s always a lot of friendship and comradery among the crowds, athletes and even between the different brands. We’re all there for the Good Times!