March 31, 2017

Enduro World Series part 1


Our enduro rider Bryan Regnier took the chance to travel to Crankworx Rotorua and competed in the first race of the Enduro World Series. Unfortunately, the weather was a real mess but Bryan fought hard to finish the race. Check out Bryan’s race report.

The race in Rotorua (New Zealand) was a nightmare! After my injuries during the winter, I knew this test would be difficult but not like that!

I hesitated for a long time on my choice of bike (CAPRA or JEFFSY, small travel 29 or big enduro 170). Finally, I felt very comfortable with my JEFFSY and my choice was based on this model. The tracks were dry and very rolling, not very damaged and truly physical. For once, I had the stages in mind with the good trajectories for the day of the race. In short, I was ready!




On the day of the race, I was quite tired and the sky was really covered. I thought “Let's go” and I motivated myself to 200% for the race. It was a 65-km race and over 2.000 meters of vertical drop.

The first transfer was super physical, long and very badly indicated (I lost myself because of a lack of markup). I met other riders who came back from stage 1 and ask them how the track was. They replied that it was damaged, a little slippery because of the light rain, but that it was not worse than the first link. I arrived at the top of the first stage in good shape. I warmed up and concentrated. We are there: the top 30 is ready to go and there is the drama lol! The rain increased and it was a deluge...

I dropped into the stage and calmed myself: “Roll as if it's dry, don't ask yourself questions". And then I realized it was very complicated! Ruts as big as the size of the wheels of my bike! WTF!




And the more the stage unfolded, the harder, dug and muddy it got! Me and some other riders really thought that the organizers would shorten the race. In some transfer stages, we could not ride the bike because it slipped too much, so we had to walk! 60 km in these conditions, really not fun!!

The result of this race: about 15 drops, a lot of mechanical problems, a sprain and a big contusion on my knee! After this race, I knew that I have to learn to ride in the real mud, to work more physically and not to go to the other end of the world without having made preparatory races.

Fortunately, YT Industries and all my other sponsors helped me in this event, because without them I would not have finished the race. A big thank you also to my mechanic Charly who really worked hard all weekend! You know me, I promise you that I will work hard and come back stronger! I will analyze my mistakes, do the necessary to correct them and I will be 100% very quickly! Now we are in Tasmania to prepare the second round of the EWS2017. My shoulder is better, my knee, too (a good strap and it's gone!).

See you,



((All pics by Sebastian Schieck))