June 29, 2017

Crankworx Epic


Wow, what a festival! For the very first time the Crankworx World Tour hit the Tyrolean Mountains around Innsbruck – and of course, the YT Rolling Circus invited itself to the party. Stunning mountain views, lots of top riders and great parties promised to make it one hell of a week.  

On Monday before the festival officially started we built up our tents at the base station of the Mutterer Alm which lies slightly above Innsbruck. There was no trace of the expo or even the festival yet, we were the first on site setting up our booth. However, the slopestyle course and pump track were perfectly shaped and we could already imagine what would go down over the following days. The weather was extremely good and we were not only able to set everything up in blistering heat but we also had a damn good week with summer temperatures all along. But let’s take things one step at a time.

Crankworx was officially opened on Wednesday. Our pro riders Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter, Vali Höll, Yannick Granieri, Young Talent Bubba Warren from USA and of course Brett Tippie hung out at our booth, trained for the contests and showed their skills in the Whip-Off Championships on Wednesday evening. Bubba Warren showed off some impressive jumps and he really had every chance to win the Whip-Offs, but in the end it was Louis Reboul who went ahead and claimed the glory. The cheering crowd enjoyed the show against the stunning Nordkette backdrop and everybody was in festival mood. The Whip-Offs were definitely one of the highlights of the entire week. Thursday evening the Dual Speed & Style took place – a race where two riders compete head to head on parallel tracks to try and gain an advantage over the other in both speed and style. Bubba Warren and Yannick Granieri were racing for YT and provided Good Times on the track. Afterwards the Crankworx Movie Night took place in a cinema in Innsbruck city but honestly, at 30 degrees and sunshine we preferred to sample a few cold beers.




On the Friday, we got a taste of the weekend already: The whole festival area around the base station of the Mutterer Alm was crowded and at the pump track race in the evening everybody went crazy under a blazing red evening sky. The atmosphere was electric as the guys and gals gave it everything they had on the race track. The Australian Caroline Buchanan and Frenchie Chaney Guennet won the race. Only Bubba Warren started for YT that evening, the rest took it easy because of the upcoming downhill race the next day. But then came the bad news from the organizers: because of a very bad weather forecast for the Sunday, the slopestyle contest was moved up to Saturday which meant that the slopestyle and downhill race would both take place at the same time. Too bad for the crowd as the downhill race was held in a completely different location. However, the next day a lot of fans still found their way to the tracks and the weather once again held off until the very last minute. The mood could not have been better. In the meantime, we handed out test bikes (which could be ridden on the Mutterer Alm trails) and had a good time with our visitors.     







Quite a few of our crew would go back home with fresh ink because our booth neighbors the CP Gang had invited Jaws, a talented tattoo artist and mountain biker from Poland, and he was busy with the needles the whole day: anybody who got a CP or Partyride tattoo did not have to pay for the work. Of course, some of our crew took this offer. Tattoo schedule Jaws: fully booked. YOLO!

All in all, the Saturday was a successful festival day. Because of the weather forecasts for Sunday the organizers canceled or postponed all Sunday contests which was of course quite a bummer. Some of the exhibitors even packed up their stuff on Saturday evening, but that is not the YT way:  our crew stayed positive and put in an appearance in pouring rain the next day. We were sad to see Crankworx end on this note but rescheduling the main event to Saturday was definitely the right thing to do. And this way, we were also able to celebrate properly at the official after show party – everybody wins!

Crankworx Innsbruck, we say thanks for an incredible week!


((Pics by Daniel Roos, Bild 1 by Martina Bogott))