February 08, 2018

The new CAPRA is launched



Just four weeks after our Brand Relaunch Campaign and the launch of the 2018 JEFFSY and TUES range, we are hitting the news big time again, presenting the much-anticipated new CAPRA 2018.  


One thing is for sure: we don’t do ordinary. And the new CAPRA campaign absolutely ties in with our philosophy and founding ideal: You may have seen the cryptic trailer, that has left the public excited for the next big bang. The full launch video is out now and a true testimony of our passion for both high-quality products and our brand. This is not just another riding video: this 80s horror movie-style launch video is at feature film quality, marking The Return of The Goat – the all new CAPRA.

No doubt this goat is coming to get you! Enjoy the movie.



The CAPRA returns in both 27.5" and 29"

The CAPRA is now available in both 27.5” and 29”. Both CAPRAs are dialed into a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling. The modern geometry with short chain stays, a slack headtube angle and a perfectly adjusted seat angle delivers a full-on downhill machine crossed with the agility and uphill performance of a trail bike. And true to our gravity core, the CAPRA also has to master the very same tests the TUES has to pass during its development – as a result, the new CAPRA is delivered with a full-on bike park approval!

The CAPRA 29 offers unbeatable control and stability on fast downhills while being an efficient climber on the uphills. This CAPRA is defined by pedaling efficiency over long distances combined with an impressive downhill skillset. Furthermore, with the FlipChip technology, the geometry can be perfectly adapted to offer even more propulsion on those grueling climbs.

The CAPRA 27 has the playful agility of an enduro bike combined with the gravity genes of a downhiller. The extra suspension travel ensures it doesn't give any ground when dealing with rough terrain or soaking up sketchy landings – making the bike insatiably fast and addictively engaging, on the ground and in the air.

Check out the new range here.