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Inspired by Gwin – developed on the race track. In 2017, we were over the moon when Aaron Gwin won his second World Cup championship on the TUES. Maybe that's why we were so hungry to make the 2018 bike even better...

During two years of racing on the toughest tracks in the world, Aaron and the MOB have delivered incredible feedback in our quest to (once again) take this bike to the next level. The result: TUES X GWIN. The Gwin bike combines incredible control with maximum speed; it's a ruthless machine that's programmed to win.

Style meets confidence. The real-world feedback of our freeriders – Rampage heroes Cam Zink and Andreu Lacondeguy leading the way – is the reason this new-generation TUES is also the life of your park party. It's a playful style merchant that just begs to be sent off unreal monster drops before shooting loose whips from the hips at Crankworx.

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„The Tues has been one of our benchmark bikes of all time.“

Steve Jones, Dirt 100 2015

What's best for steep and rowdy: aluminum or carbon? Truth is, it's entirely up to you. The aluminum TUES is no less remarkable than its carbon brother

Our carbon frames deliver ideal stiffness and ultimate reliability at impressively low weight. Using a monocoque production technique, tube walls get extra thickness only where required to resist the intense forces in critical areas. By using fibers of different strengths and optimizing the layup, we create stiff yet lightweight frames that withstand even the gnarliest of maneuvers. Carbon frames form the core of our PRO models, which also feature the finest components.

The AL model was made specifically for lovers of high-quality aluminum bikes. Yet the modern geometry and impressive component specification – which it shares with its carbon brothers – make it the first choice for many more. The elaborately-designed frame sets new standards in aluminum workmanship: the multi-butted, hydroformed tubes not only keep weight down and strength up but embody the look of a true YT.

While designing the new TUES CF we paid particular attention to synchronizing every suspension element to work together as one: frame kinematics, hydraulic damping curves, and spring force. The Virtual 4 Link suspension system is based on a low leverage ratio – and it's a major factor in giving the TUES its superior characteristics. A rapidly rising spring curve provides a lot of midstroke support: this creates more grip for turning and braking, and optimal use of travel on big jumps. Despite being very sensitive off the top, the progressiveness and support gives the TUES the pop to get airborne easily – and helps keep your legs fresh during sprints, too.

Amazing small bump compliance in the first part of the travel gives the next-gen TUES more grip than ever: it's practically glued down in rough ground, holding lines even better than before. We've reduced the endstroke progression by 5%, without giving up any of the massive bottom-out reserves of the TUES. It's made the rear a little bit plusher for a boost in comfort and control to ensure both traction and control even during the biggest hits. The evolution of the TUES may look subtle, but let’s be honest – that’s what the last tenths of a second between victory and defeat always look like.

“I’m loving my new TUES. The bike has always been awesome so we just wanted to refine it. The bike is switching directions super snappy and is easier to accelerate while pedaling. We also made it a little plusher and increased the stability when charging into the rough stuff. It’s stable at World Cup speeds while maintaining the playfulness that makes the bike so fun to ride.”

Aaron Gwin, five times World Cup Overall winner, iced coffee connoisseur, legend