• TUES CF Pro Race

The TUES is our tool for the rough stuff, a beast for the gnarliest jumps, made for the most stylish whips and sickest lines. It is our synonym for Good Times, because no matter if you’re steezin’ at the bike park with your buddies or owning a downhill race, the TUES will get that extra bit of speed and style out of you. In 2016, Aaron Gwin rode it straight to the top of the Downhill World Cup and proved once again what absolutely reliable killer of a bike the TUES is, and not just for the crazy steep lines of Utah. This explains why it deservedly won the coveted “Downhill Bike of the Year” award from Dirt Magazine multiple times. It’s simply the truth!

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„The Tues has been one of our benchmark bikes of all time.“

Steve Jones, Dirt 100 2015

Whether you prefer to go wild on a carbon or an aluminum bike is something we leave completely up to you. The aluminum TUES is no less remarkable than its carbon buddy, because both versions are based on the same platform. However, aluminum is a less expensive material, so it offers all the bangs for less bucks compared to the carbon bike. Reliability and a lower starting price are factors that speak for our well-equipped aluminum models.

Of course we have also achieved high levels of stiffness and reliability during the development of our carbon frames. Using a monocoque production technique, the tube walls have been given extra thickness where required to stand up to the strong forces generated in critical areas. The carbon frames weigh significantly less than their aluminum counterparts, and form the basis for our PRO models, which also feature the finest components.

While designing the TUES frame we paid particular attention to developing a perfectly synchronized integration of frame kinematics, rear shock damping behavior, and spring force. The TUES is light, offers premium stability and kickass handling thanks to its low center of gravity. The centered riding position allows you to really sit in the bike and load up the tires while hitting berms, as well as helping you keep cool through high speed sections and massive jump lines.

Our in-house developed Virtual 4 Link technology ensures linear, smooth and responsive suspension action. At the same time we made sure that it is just progressive enough not to sag excessively, nor to bottom out harshly at the end of the travel.

Aaron Gwin – the Legend! The chainless master and his TUES form a dream team which stood on the top step of the World Cup podium already in their first season of racing together. Aaron is one of the most accomplished professional riders in the world, and he has high demands on his equipment. The TUES convinced him from the beginning, with geometry and kinematics that correspond exactly to his ideas for what a downhill bike should be. With the YT Mob he will once again line up in the start gate for 2017, ready to push the limits, set records, and bring home that long-awaited World Champion title.

Bigger, higher, further: these are the attributes that describe Andreu’s riding style. Perhaps the best mountain bike rider in the world, definitely the one with the biggest balls. Every year, Andreu redefines the boundaries of the sport, as you would expect from somebody who is literally “Living on the edge”. This is also the reason that the TUES is the right bike for the Catalan: it shakes off the biggest hits of the FEST series and shows up at the next whip session ready to give 100%.

Cam Zink is the man for the rough stuff. A freeride legend who always gets back up, knows all the risks – and doesn’t give a shit! Cam makes huge backflips, inhuman 360 drops, and massive jumps look easy. His runs at Red Bull Rampage are legendary. Cam puts his trust in the TUES and uses it to casually break world records.