Ethan Nell

Ethan Nell

“Mountain biking? Expressing yourself through style and good times!”

Ethan grew up riding MX, so it comes as no surprise that he’s into big jumps and big mountain riding. As a youngster he would go out to Rampage, which takes place just around the corner from his house, to experience the event live as a spectator. At some point he succumbed completely to the mountain bike fever and from then on it was just bikes, bikes, bikes. An impressed Cam Zink left Ethan his Rampage Signature bike in 2015 and it became clear to us that we needed to bring the wild man with his MX style into the YT family as well.

YT Family member since:
Home trail:
King Kong
Favourite bike park:
Bike Park Whistler, Canada
Home base:
St. George, Utah
Body height:
5'8" / 1,72m
Body weight:
145 lbs / 65 kg
Favourite beer:
Coors Banquet


Ethan is a freerider through and through. For him, there is nothing better than big mountain lines and really big jumps. The TUES is a perfect fit thanks to its very progressive suspension. Ethan describes his setup as a bit special: to deal with his large moves and heavy drops, he runs his suspension stiff and progressive, with the same high pressure in the fork and in the shock. To cope with the big hits, Ethan runs his rebound on the slow side on both fork and shock as well, which keeps him from getting ejected when things get extra crazy.