Ace Hayden

Ace Hayden

"That feeling of freedom and creativity, the speed and adrenaline, the laughs and the high fives with your best homies... It just can't be beat."

At the age of 15, Ace and his family moved to Kamloops where he quickly discovered mountain biking. He hung out with cool dudes like Graham Aggassiz, Kurt Sorge, and Matt Hunter and got inspired by their riding. With his loose style he makes rough and brutal trails seem smooth and easy. Downhill, slalom, slopestyle, and dirt jump all influenced Ace and made him the rider he is today. His weapon of choice is the TUES, which he shreds at full speed and sends off 18 meter jumps.

YT Family member since:
Home trail:
The Farm
Favourite bike park:
Tie between Sunpeaks and Coast Gravity Park for many different reasons.
Home base:
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Body height:
Body weight:
77 kg
Favourite beer:
I’m sober but once upon a time it was a solid Pilsner or Honey Lager.


Ace likes to run his bikes fairly progressive and stiff. Low speed rebound 7-8 clicks from open, High speed rebound about 9-10 from open. For low speed compression about 10-12 clicks and the same for high speed. He’ll run about 190-210 psi depending on the trail or set of jumps. He usually bounces back and forth a couple clicks each way depending on the trail conditions and steepness of lips/compressions in a jump set. The high and low speed compression is 11 clicks from off position, the rebound 8-9 clicks and the air pressure is 85-90 psi.