October 17, 2015

YT Rampage Reporter – Grand Finale

Delayed Blog Coverage – brought to you by our sponsor; The Rampage Afterparty


The morning was fresh, with an overcast sky and minimal wind, we wound our way up the access road to the Rampage site for the one last time. The vibes were buzzing and riders frothing with fist bumps left, right and centre. One by one the riders made the slow pilgrimage up the mountain following their 9 am briefing, for their first finals run of RedBull Rampage 2015



This was one day that didn’t seem to drag on, before we knew it he the airy call over the PA system was counting in the first rider -Three, Two, One… Rampage Finals were underway. Predictions of increasing winds into the afternoon made speculations of a single run format. This forced riders to leave no booter un-tricked and no cliff left un-sent!



Kelly McGarry was the 3rd rider down the hill, with a clean run bringing him down safely for a score of 62.25. The 7th rider out of the gates was Cam Zink who stomped out one of the gnarliest lines of the day, greasing his signature 360 flat drop and pulling off a huge step-down back flip in the lower section, but only to be rewarded with an 89.25 by the judges for a 6th placing.



The defending champ, Andreu Lacondeguy came out of the start gate firing with a tremendous run, featuring a flatspin 450 on the hip and back to back backflips for 95.75 points. A wind hold on the course forced the podium into a stalemate and left Andreu in second place. Kurt Sorge threw down the winning run of 96.50 to take freeriding’s most coveted titles for the second time in his career- only the second rider to do this alongside Kyle Strait.






Yannick Granieri and Robbie Bourdon both failed to qualify for the finals this year and some debatable scoring was handed out to the riders risking all on the mountain for the 10th Edition for RedBull Rampage, which left a lot of fellow riders and fans puzzled… but as Andreu stated “unfortunately at Rampage you have to take things as they come”

Jordy Whelan (NZL)
Rampage Reporter – with Young Talent