Yannick Granieri

Yannick Granieri

“When I'm not on my bike I love shredding my skateboard, or motorbike, pit bike, wakeboard, ski, snowboard, everything where I can get adrenaline! That's what I live for!”

The mountain bike pro loves his life and lives his dreams. He's been biking for as long as he can remember and is one to watch out for. Each trick is harder and better than the last one and marked by Yannick's laid back style on his bike. There are few who feel and look so sovereign in the air, which is facilitated by his past as a trampoline athlete. In 2013 he won Crankworx Les 2 Alpes and came 2nd at Crankworx Whistler and scored podium spots at the Bearclaw Invitational 2013 and 2014.


YT Family member since:
Home trail:
Vernègues, France
Favourite bike park:
Bike Park Whistler, Canada
Home base:
Lançon-Provence, France
Body height:
Body weight:
75 kg
Favourite beer:


Yannick, the flying Freeride Frenchman with his roots in Slope Stlye rides a TUES in size M, which fits perfectly to him. Due to his Slope Stlye roots he also rides a very stiff set up with a nearly complete closed highspeed compression in the front, but other than most of his teammates his lowspeed compression is a little more open. The rear end is similar to the front, but the low speed compression is a little more open. The rebound is pretty slow, because a reacting on small fast bumps is not that important on good shaped freeride lines. But of course if he goes into rougher terrain he is changing the set up accordingly.